The CleanALL Solutions Company difference

                        solution (noun)  1.  a means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation.



CleanALL Solutions Company is a limited liability company registered in the state of Georgia. Our proprietary cleaning products, uncompromising quality standards & professional services is what makes the CleanALL Solution Company difference!


CleanALL Solutions Company has the capability to develop, blend and manufacture cleaning products specifically to meet the cleaning requirements of our customers.      


CleanALL Solutions Company has no maids or janitors working with us. We are Brand Guardians.  Why?  It's in the name!  This company offers profit sharing to all of its Brand Guardians making sure that all of our associates have a vested interest in pleasing our customers.



We compensate our Brand Guardians above industry standards for wages meaning we work with the best.  By doing so, we deliver quality of service CONSISTENTLY.  Our greatest investment by us is in our PEOPLE. People make the difference. We offer skills building and teach best possible cleaning practices to all of our associates. 



CleanALL Solutions Company trains Brand Guardians according to 5S Lean principles. Guaranteeing quality of service and consistent results for all your company's cleaning requirements.  

The company carries general liability, umbrella and workers comp insurance for all our customers holding certificate as co-insured.


CleanALL Solutions Company offers 24-hour cleaning services to businesses that prefer after hours cleaning.  The company also offers 24 hour continual cleaning services to businesses that have around the clock operations.        


Whomever enters your business establishment, its' either a potential client/customer or someone that you know. Cleaning services sometimes take place when you or your staff are not there.  All Brand Guardians for this company have passed background checks for your peace of mind.







Along with our compensation and education to our Brand Guardians, our company offers a mentor program to all associates.  We educate those team members who wish to own their own business one day.  By doing this, our Brand Guardians take OWNERSHIP of their accounts.  Each associate has a vested interest in taking exceptional care of the customer.  Those associates which excel in delighting our clients are rewarded through our mentor/franchisee program.